euroclamp DIN rail mounting plug-in connectors are now available. SVR-DR connectors in the pictures below have a foot element for mounting on a DIN rail. This mounting system can be useful for example if the user needs the SVR-DR connector inside an electrical cabinet. Male-female matching system allows the wire-to-wire connection, and can be used in those applications where frequent circuit breaks are required.
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Unlike competitors, the main feature of the DIN rail mounting plug-in connector “SVR-DR” is that metal contacts are insulated into the plastic body of the terminal block.

More features are:

  • approved
  • Wire section: up to 4 sqmm (solid) and 2,5 sqmm (stranded);
  • Captive screw M3: case-hardening threated and zinc plated;
  • Several colours available: green, grey, black, blue, red, yellow, orange, and more…
  • Optional version available: approved for the EN60335 standard (glow-wire test standard);
  • non need to use additional white tags. non need to have a plotter. we can padprint Euroclamp SVR-DR and SF for you;
  • The hook is suitable for din rails:
    35*7.5 (DIN EN50022),
    35*15 (DIN EN50022),
    DIN 32 (DIN EN50035)
    DIN 15 (DIN EN50045).
    Green part below is the the hook (without the terminal block). Black and grey profiles are 2 alternative rails
We remind you that more euroclamp products belong to the “ wire-to-wire ” category:

SVReuroclamp free-hanging plug-in connector “SF” has an inverted mounting system: it means that it has male contacts. Male contacts allow the SF the connection with a conventional plug “SH”, which has female contacts. Male and female free-hanging plug-in connectors SF and SH are available with 2 to 24 positions!
All these versions offer users a large range of combinations

SVR-KSF can be connected with “SVR-K” female plug-in connector too. SVR-K can be supplied with or without 2 flanges: they are mainly needed for the direct mounting onto electronic housing for various applications. SVR-K is applied in building automation as well.


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